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Flyzone XL – Fly trap
The safe, non-toxic fly trap For Domestic and Agricultural use • No more pesky flies Flyzone XL The Flyzone catches common nuisance or filth flies -- hundreds of the most prevalent species including house flies, false stable flies, blow...
€6.00 *
x-trap 50 LED
x-trap 50 LED
Energy saving & effective control X-TRAP 50 LED With its discreet design, the X-trap 50 LED is recommended for use in shops and restaurants and dry industrial environments. Easy to service, stylish and effective; the X-trap 50 LED offers...
€169.00 *
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Wasp trap – W-trap
W-trap, the effective wasp trap Wasps are a common problem in the summer and autumn. Towards the end of summer- and in autumn – they become increasingly more aggressive and there is growing chance of being stung. To stop this nuisance...
€9.00 *
Flytrap – Armadilha 15
Flytrap – Armadilha 15
ARMADIHA 15 uses a powerful ultraviolet lamp which attracts flying insects. On the inside of the unit a glueboard is placed, which the insects are trapped on. With its discreet and attractive design the Armadilha 15 R is recommended for...
€45.00 *
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Horsefly trap H-Trap
The new H-trap system effectively controls horse fly numbers,reducing them to an absolute minimum. The H-trap is designed to be placed outdoors, where it works without the need for chemicals or electricity. Extensive independent trials...
€195.00 *
MT-trap for wasps and (horse)fl ies
MT-trap for wasps and (horse)fl ies
This trap is designed to catch those aggressive insects, which commonly create a lot of irritation: • Horse flies can be typically found in the period of May to August. • Wasps are commonly present in the period August & September. The...
€55.00 *