MT-trap for wasps and (horse)fl ies

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This trap is designed to catch those aggressive insects, which commonly create a lot of... more
Product information "MT-trap for wasps and (horse)fl ies"

This trap is designed to catch those aggressive insects, which commonly create a lot of irritation:
• Horse flies can be typically found in the period of May to August.
• Wasps are commonly present in the period August & September.

The principle used for attraction of Horse flies is a proven and widely accepted method:
With help of the sun, we heat up the air under the funnel,
which is absorbed by the black ball. The ball itself will start emitting this infrared energy.
Horse flies are attracted by infrared radiation, coming from larger objects.

Wasps have the same fly behavior as horse flies; also they naturally fly upwards.
Unlike horse flies, wasps are not attracted by infrared objects, but by sweet scents,
such as a sugar concentrations. An optional wasp fluid , placed in the collect bin,
will lure wasps. Wasps will enter the trap from below and fly into the collect bin.
From here escaping is simply not an option for them.

Siting instructions:

  • The principle of the MT-trap will only work outdoors, as we need the sun to heat up the ball.
  • Place the MT-trap away from areas were one would normally sit (terraces etc)
  • Place the MT-trap in an area, were it is (partly) exposed to sunlight. (In shadow areas it is not as effective)
  • Place the MT-trap at a maximum height of 1,80 meter and a min height of 1,00 meter from the ground.
  • If the MT-trap is used for wasp control than poor the wasp fluid in the collect tray. This will remain attractive for a period of 2 to 4 weeks.
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